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When you plan a trip to Egypt, there are several important factors to consider to make your trip smooth and enjoyable. you can check some of points you can find it here :

Visa Requirements to Egypt

– Single-entry tourist visa: Available at the airport for USD 25 or in advance through Egypt’s official government website.
– Multiple-entry visa: Must be obtained in advance through the government website.

Online Visa Application:

– Apply via through authorized webiste of Egypt
– Upload your passport and a passport-sized photo (max 5MB).
– Expect to receive your visa within 48 hours to a week.

What to Pack for your tour to Egypt :

– Opt for lightweight, breathable clothing made of cotton.
– Dress modestly in cities like Cairo.
– Shorts and sundresses are fine in beach areas.
– Bring essentials like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and insect repellent.
– Include a basic first-aid kit with medications like Imodium and antibacterial drugs.

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Transportation in Egypt :

– Choose a hotel that offers airport pickup to avoid scams.
– In Cairo and Giza, the metro system is good for short trips.
– Use white taxis or Uber for brief rides.
– Domestic flights or trains are better for long-distance travel.
– Public transportation might not be reliable, so plan ahead.

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Travel Itinerary in Egypt :

– Spend two days in Cairo visiting the pyramids, Egyptian Museum, and Khan El-Khalili market.
– In Giza, stay overnight to see the pyramids lit up.
– Allow two days in Aswan for Philae and Kalabsha Temples and a day trip to Abu Simbel.
– Consider staying at a Nubian guesthouse on the West Bank.
– Dedicate three days in Luxor for Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, and the Luxor Museum.
– Stay on the West Bank of the Nile for a quieter experience.

Safety and Local Customs in Egypt :

– Egypt is generally safe, but stay alert and respect the local culture.
– Tipping for services and haggling in markets are expected.
– Dress modestly, especially at religious and historic sites.
– Be aware of traditions and customs.

Currency Tips:

– The local currency is the Egyptian Pound, with ATMs widely available. Keep USD 25 on hand for the visa fee at the airport.
_ It is recommended to Keep Egyptian pounds with you but still most of Egyptians accept many other currancies specially US dollars , Euros and Sterling pounds

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Customize your tour to Egypt with a good tour operator in advance:

Choosing a qulified tour operator when you plan your tour to Egypt will save you a lot , here is some points that should be considered when you choose the travel agency :

The feedback of other travelers
Their rates & the prices
How long have they been in tourism field
How professional they are in answering your inquires
How felixable they are .

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Written by ATW June 2024