Top Tips for Solo Female Travelers Before Travelling to Egypt
A mosaic of ancient history, cultural adventure, and modern urbanity, Egypt is one lively and momentous travel destination where you can sense the old, the new, and everything in between.
While maneuvering through this Middle Eastern marvel might become a bit overwhelming for women travellers at first, it’s imperative to get the cultural clues correct in order to reduce the hassle and potential problems.
As a solo female traveller, you should not only take the safety in your own hands but also be prepared for the adventure. Here are top safety tips for solo female travelers for their Trip to Egypt:

1. Dress Conservatively: After all Modesty is the best Virtue
Egypt is a highly conservative country and the locals are very traditional about their dressing. So, it is recommended to dump your hot shorts and strappy tank tops that might draw negative attention from the crowd.
Women are expected to dress up modestly, covering shoulders, upper arms, chest and legs by wearing loose-fitting, opaque T-shirts (with a sleeve that covers upper arms), long pants and long skirts.
P.S: A huge part of how you are treated when you’re strolling through the streets of Egypt depends on how you dress up. So, making that extra effort to cover up not only improves your impression on the local people but it also gives off the message that you respect their culture, cutting short any negative, demeaning attention

2. Find yourself a safe hotel: A Home away from Home
If travelling alone, it’s best to consider hotels that have security checks at all entrances and are generally deemed safe. In fact, the country is flooded with a number of safe, comfy, family-owned three-star hotels where the staff is not only warm and welcoming but they also look out for you, once they get to know you! They can become your home-away-from-home.
Pro Tip: Always carry your hotel’s business card when you go sightseeing. It’s a quick and easy way to get home in case you’re lost in a warren of streets and your Arabic isn’t really good. Simply hand the car to any cab driver and you’ll be home safe in a flash.

3. Book Local Female Guides: The Best Way to Explore Egypt
While we appreciate your choice and bold attitude to travel the world on your own, it’s always a good idea to partner with a local female tour guide. While Egypt is mostly a safe and welcoming country, it is recommended not to stroll alone at some places after the sunset. So, at such times, it’s better to be accompanied by a trusted local guide than moving alone. Plus, they can also give you some valuable insights about the rich Egyptian history.
Pro Tip: Inquire at the front desk of your hotel or consult your travel agent on how to go about finding one. In fact, for very little money you can book a professional guide (and driver) who go through strict training and years of classes on Egyptology.

4. Transportation Secret for Women
If you happen to be in two of the largest cities of Egypt: Cairo and Alexandria, then you’ll be extremely happy to learn that both share a secret pertaining to women. While Alexandria boasts of its safe and sound streetcars, Cairo takes extreme pride in its wonderful ‘Metro’ which is not only safe and clean but is also incredibly cheap.
Because Egypt is vastly a Muslim country, the front car (or two) on each streetcar or train is reserved exclusively for women. It’s an amazing experience to mingle solely with the local women who will come up and talk to you, laughing shyly.

5. Mark Your Territory: Be an Aware Woman Traveler
As a woman travelling solo in Egypt, it is always wise to research properly about the places you’ll be visiting and get an idea about what it’d be like to travel through them alone. While the internet is undoubtedly the best place to get started for your research process, take out some time to visit government sites, travel blogs, and public forums to learn about the concerned places.
What’s more; it is strongly advisable to learn a few standard phrases of Arabic as it will not only help you break the ice but also sound more friendly to the locals.

Salam or Marhaba: Hello
Ibtihki ingleezi? : Do you speak English?
Jameel : Beautiful
Ismi…: My name is…
Shukran : Thank you
Afwan :You are welcome (Reply to Shukran)

Pro Tip: Learn the Arabic names of the tourist places you intend to visit beforehand. While Egyptians are known for being helpful and friendly, doing so will empower you to be more independent in your travel endeavors and help you avoid overly intrusive locals insisting on guiding you.

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Your Guide to Egypt: A Land of Magic and Wonder
Egypt, a country sited in the midst of Northeast Africa and the Middle East, is without a doubt a land of awe and wonder. Filled with Millennia-old constructions and sitting along the splendorous Nile River Valley, Egypt Classical Tours will leave you speechless
Pharaohs, Pyramids, and splendor
With more than 8 million tourist per year, Egypt has astonishing landscapes to impress even to the most experienced traveler. Down below you will find a list of places that will take your breath away.
The Giza Pyramids
The most representative and iconic wonder of the world and top of Egypt touristic attractions, the Pyramids of Egypt, the place where several generations of Egyptian royalty constructed their great burial shrines on the plains outside of Cairo, enjoy and it awaits to impress you with more than 139 meters of splendor and marvel.
The Cairo Museum
The Egyptian Museum, in Cairo, Egypt, is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. With more than 120,000 splendorous pieces of art on display, the Cairo Museum is crowned as one of the largest and most spectacular museums of the region.
The Valley of Kings
The Valley of the Kings is the abode of the tomb of Tutankhamen and the burial location for most of the pharaohs of the “New Kingdom”, the Valley of the Kings is one of the most heavily visited attractions in Egypt due to the dazzling and breathtaking sights which can be noticed through the Pyramids Of Egypt.
Nile River Cruises
Merge yourself in a lavishing and luxurious experience once reserved for queens and pharaohs and enjoy the marvelous sunset views of the Nile River from Nile Cruise marvelous view.
Abu Simbel Temples
Also known as the Temples of Ramses II, these astonishing sandstone structures were built in 1255 in honor to Nefertiti, the beauty and magnificence of this antique place remained though centuries, and today are ready to travel you in time into the Egyptian Royal chambers.
To unveil this and more wonders please visit Egypt for a life-changing experience.
Egypt is a cradle for most famous ancient civilization the Pharaohs, get amazed by the greatness of ancient Egyptian through Egypt Classical Tours!

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Impress Your Friends with These 12 Facts about the Pyramids of Giza
The pyramids of Egypt have captured the imaginations of people for centuries. Perhaps because they are part of the glory of Ancient Egypt. Perhaps because they continue to mystify us as well as the best and the brightest scientists and scholars. The facts provided here are merely a “starter kit” of knowledge available about the fascinating pyramids.
1- The first and largest pyramid of Giza was built by Pharaoh Khufu c. 2550 BCE. It is the Great Pyramid. The second smaller pyramid was built by his son, Pharaoh Khafre, and the third and still smaller by Khafre’s son, Pharaoh Menkaure
2- The sizes of the pyramids were not based on status; it was the result of the diminishing economy. As the government built more and more grand buildings, fewer resources were available for the pyramids. In fact, Menkaure’s son, Pharaoh Shepseskaf, was unable to build a pyramid for himself.
3- Scientists and scholars have never been able to determine how the pyramids were built, but they now know that the builders were skilled Egyptian workers who were housed in a nearby community and paid for their labor.
4- Today Giza looks like an isolated plateau of monuments, but at the time the pyramids were being built, it was a thriving community with temples, shops, a marketplace, and housing.
5- Experts agree that the pyramids were built from huge blocks carved out of stone quarries with copper chisels, each blocking weighing anywhere between 2.5 to 15 tons.
6- The pyramids were covered with casing stones made of highly polished white limestone that glistened in the sun. It was said that they could be seen from the mountains in Israel.
7- The pyramids face true north. Since there was no Northstar at the time, no one knows how the Egyptians achieved such precision
8- The Great Pyramid held its position as the world’s tallest man-made structure for 3,871 years until the central spire of the Lincoln Cathedral in England was built in 1311 CE. The pyramid is 146 meters (479 feet) high. The spire 160 meters (525 feet).
9- Khaemweset, son of Rameses II, is considered the first Egyptologist. By the time of the New Kingdom (1570-1069 BCE), Giza was abandoned and the pyramids vandalized and looted. Khaemweset dedicated himself to the study, restoration and preservation of Giza, which flourished until the Romans took o
10- In 1798, Napoleon landed in Egypt with 400 ships, an army of 54,000 and a team of scholars and scientists who, in 1809, produced Description de l’Égypte, a comprehensive history of Ancient Egypt, which generated a fascination with Ancient Egypt throughout Europe.
11- In spite of the blistering heat at Giza, the temperature inside the pyramids stays relatively constant, around 20 Celsius (60 F).
12- The most recent mystery of the pyramids is what appears to be a giant cavity in the Great Pyramid. It is not accessible. No one knows why it is there. It was found by an international team of researchers using muography, a technology that senses density changes inside large rock structures. And now the experts have something else to hypothesize about and debate.
The Pyramids Of Giza is one of the most important seven wonders in the world that everyone wishes to visit more than once in life, Visit the marvelous Pyramids through our Egypt Classical Tours!