Mamsha Ahl Masr (Walking Promenade of Cairo Nile)

mamsha ahl masr

Mamsha Ahl Masr (Promenade of the People of Egypt) is a mega project developed by the Egyptian government that spans 3 km along the Nile River in Cairo. The project aims to create a modern and vibrant waterfront destination for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The Idea and the construction of Mamsha ahl Masr:

In 2019, Egypt’s New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), under the Ministry of Housing, initiated the impressive Mamsha Ahl Misr project. This expansive development stretches 54 kilometers across Cairo and Giza and is poised to feature 90 stores, eateries, and coffee shops, along with 300 stalls for commercial and service enterprises. Additionally, it will serve as a venue for athletic events like marathons.

The project’s first segment, running from Imbaba Bridge to the 15 May Bridge, is scheduled to open on March 18, 2022. This initial phase includes upper and lower walkways, measuring 1.8 kilometers in length and 4.5 and 6.5 meters in width, respectively, encompassing a total space of 7,066 square meters. The three-day launch event will be marked by fireworks and performances from both Arab and Egyptian artists on a unique, high-tech floating stage capable of accommodating 1,240 guests.

mamsha ahl masr

The construction of the second and third segments of the Mamsha Ahl Masr Walkway is ongoing, with completion dates yet to be disclosed. The second phase, stretching for 3.2 kilometers, will run between numerous bridges: Qasr Al-Nil and 6 of October, 6 of October and 15 of May, and Imbaba and Sahel. The third phase, spanning 3 kilometers, will connect Tahya Misr Bridge to Sahel Bridge, as well as Qasr Al-Nil Bridge to Meridian Bridge.

What is there in Mamsha ahl Masr ?

The promenade includes numerous features such as a wide pedestrian walkway, cycling tracks, and a variety of dining and entertainment options, including cafes and restaurants, a cultural center, an open-air theater, and a number of green spaces.

The project also includes the development of commercial areas , Garage and residential buildings. The goal of Mamsha Ahl Masr is to create a new urban space that encourages social interaction and offers a diverse range of activities for people to enjoy.

mamsha ahl masr

The project is part of a larger effort by the Egyptian government to revitalize the Nile Corniche and enhance the quality of public spaces in Cairo. It is seen as a key step towards the city’s transformation into a more modern and sustainable metropolis.

It is also considerd as the first modern walkway Overlooking the Nile in Egypt as it was made to provide enjoyable walk , with an irresistible view for the Nile and activities.

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Written by ATW June 2024