The best desert trips for safari and camping in Egypt

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Egypt has many wonderful detinations for camping and safari tours , either for one day trip or for over night or a week that is why Egypt offers several fantastic desert safari and camping opportunities for those looking to explore its vast and beautiful desert landscapes. Here are some of the best desert trips you can consider:

White Desert (Sahara el Beyda)

– The surreal landscapes featuring white chalk rock formations are a highlight of this area. A typical trip includes camping under the stars, a barbecue dinner, and sometimes a visit to the neighboring Black Desert and Crystal Mountain.

Siwa Oasis

– Located near the Libyan border, Siwa offers a unique blend of cultural experiences and desert adventures. Visitors can enjoy hot springs, sand dunes, ancient ruins, and traditional Siwan hospitality, as well as camel trekking and sandboarding.

desert of egypt

Bahariya Oasis

– The starting point for most trips to the White Desert, Bahariya also has attractions of its own, including the Golden Mummies and the Black Desert. Camping under the stars and riding 4x4s across the dunes are popular activities.

Wadi El Rayan and Wadi El Hitan (Valley of the Whales)

– In addition to a vast desert space perfect for safari, visitors can see whale fossils and evidence of the area’s prehistoric marine life.

valley of the whales- Fayoum

Sinai Peninsula

– With a mix of desert and seaside settings, the Sinai Peninsula offers a range of activities including desert camping, hiking Mount Sinai, visiting St. Catherine’s Monastery, and exploring canyons like Colored Canyon and White Canyon.

The Eastern Desert – This area is rich in history and offers the chance to explore ancient Roman and Ptolemaic ruins, visit monasteries, and experience the desert landscape.

egyptian desert

Wadi Degla protected area :

which is the closest desert area from Cairo as it takes max 1 hour driving to reach it and it has many nice spots so YOu can enjoy camping there , BBRQ parties and hiking

When it comes to camping and safari desert tours remember always to check travel advisories, arrange trips through reputable agencies.

Written by ATW May 2024