Tipping guide in Egypt ( How much to tip in Egypt ? )

tipping in Egypt

A Complete Guide on Tipping in Egypt ?

Tipping is considered as a common practice in Egypt and a way of appreciation for the service you recieve from the staff like taxi drivers, tour guides , house keepers and waiters as people in the tourism industry consider tips as part of their income.

Tipping Etiquette in Egypt ?

In Egypt, it is common to tip in cash. However, if you receive good service from someone it is better to hand the money directly to the person who provide the service, rather than leaving it on the table or in the room as this shows kind of respect and appreciation .

Tipping Mistakes to Avoid in Egypt

One of the mistakes that could be done is haggling over the amount of tips as it is considered kind of rude in Egypt.

tipping is expected in Egypt so if you got very good service from someone and you did not tip at all this could be considered as rudness or disrespect.

Why tipping is important in Egypt ?

people in Egypt get low wages that is why tipping for them considered as supplement for their income and way of living

How much is the fair tipping in Egypt ?

Driver taking you to hotel from airport upon arrival: 50 LE

Luggage man at hotel:50 LE both in and out

Housekeeping: 50 LE pr. night

Waiter/waitress at breakfast restaurant at hotel: 40 LE pr. meal

Waiter at cruise: 50 LE once if on a week long cruise. Less if cruise is shorter. You will most likely have the same waiter for the whole cruise. Of course, if your waiter does not provide a good service, you should reconsider how much you prefer to tip.

Guide taking you sightseeing full day: 100-200 LE

Driver taking you sightseeing half day: 100 LE

Men or women at restrooms handing out toilet paper: 10 LE. And if the restroom is unacceptably nasty, don’t tip!

tour guides full day tour : 300-400 le

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Written By ATW updated May 2024